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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Member Satan's childFemale/United States Group :iconravenclaw105-fans: Ravenclaw105-fans
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I am a jerk. I am a Scorpio. I am an aggressive alpha.
I am a werewolf/shape shifter. I am a loner.
I am a night person. I am lazy. I am Black-Tiger-of-Evil.

Business only contact!:
Other Websites I am Active On:  Speedpainting Channel GingaBoard Profile Tumblr

Official Quote Something gets fixed, and another goddamn thing gets broken.

Request/Trade/Commission Status:
Comissions: [CLOSED]
Trades: [DEPENDS]
Requests: [NEVER]

Trades I feel depends on who is asking, becuase it's not a fair trade if all I get in return is a scribble. Gift art is only for friends or for people who's characters I find interesting to draw. Request will never be given.

Upload "Schedule" and Scraps: As of right now, I don't really follow an upload schedule with the exception for commissions/trades/collaborations, but please keep in mind that I also submit things to my 'Scraps' portion of my gallery. These aren't in the same quality as the artwork in my gallery, but it contains more sketches and anatomy practice. Be sure to check it out if you are curious about my artwork process and what my sketches look like.

You may use any and all of my artwork and graphics as long as they are for personal use and you do not gain any money from them. You may never claim my artwork or graphics as your own. So as long as you don't do that, we'll both be happy. I'll be fair and say that it's not necessary to give credit, but give someone a link if they ask for it.
You can:
- Use my artwork in your AMVs/Youtube Videos
- Print my work for binders/folders/posters/whatever
- Save to your computer and use as desktops/whatever
- Use my linearts for coloring into your own characters (just leave the logo on or leave a link if someone asks!)
-  You may post my artwork to other websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The key is to be SHARING, not STEALING. I don't want to see any of my artwork pop up on some art selling website or stock selling website.

Please don't:
- Upload to your own Deviantart account without my permission (exceptions are for linearts and redlines only!)
- Claim anything as your own and make profit off of my artwork and graphics
- Forget that I appreciate every single link back to my page whenever you use linearts/bases or show off any of my art/graphics.
- Upload to any art selling or stock selling websites, etc.

LINEART POLICY: These linearts were made to be colored in to be your characters, or for new artists getting used to drawing, whether they just discovered a digital painting program or switched from traditional. For this reason, you may alter the linearts if you want to, BUT, you must make sure the logo stays on the lineart. I generally keep it out of the way, but you can move it around as long as it's still plainly seen.

BRUSH POLICY: All of my brushes are for free use without notification/credit(though it is appreciated if you link back, and do NOT claim as your own or sell them!). You are also allowed to convert them to other programs for yourself, since I know not everyone uses Photoshop as their digital program. However, this is only for YOU to convert for YOUR USE. If I see you taking this brush and uploading to your account for a different program without my permission, I will come after you!

My brushes come in two categories, which I call 'Original' and 'Unoriginal'. The Unoriginal Brushes are made based off of copyrighted material (i.e. text from a manga) and you are NOT allowed to use them in such a way to get profit.  However, the Original Brushes are stuff I have made by myself, that will be up for download as Premium Content. Once you have sent the payment, you are allowed to use it for commercial purposes, but I would heavily recommend you still link back to my page if possible.

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS [OCs]: Most of my Ocs have little or no background, really they're just characters I use in my drawings a lot. But the ones with an actual history are really important and I won't tolerate anyone stealing them from me. Feel free to draw them if you really want to, just remember to slap the 'these aren't my characters' tag on them.

The closest thing I have to a 'fursona' is a black tiger.
Black Tiger Moon by Black-Tiger-of-Evil The Black Tiger by Black-Tiger-of-Evil

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Satan's child
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
"The shadows are my thoughts and poison water is what flows in my veins. My wings were stolen from me, and I await in the dark, for the day my freedom will come."

Once the chains are broken, none shall be left alive...

GingaBoard Members: (A place for me to locate GB members on DA)
:icontokimaru-uchiha: :iconxzackfairloverx: :icondragonheartluver: :icongngluver: :icontora-dono: :iconravenclaw105: :iconshads337: :iconno1aceattorneyfan: :icondunkinuchiha: :iconxwildonex: :iconkecreed: :iconakakkak: :iconmiahii:
If I missed anyone and you're watching me (or want to be on this list) just let me know and I'll add you.

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